A Decades-Old Adventure Continues

First off, let me begin by saying WELCOME to the official blog for my Young Adult Fantasy novel, which is titled Tainted Blood. Second, I am SO EXCITED to be blogging about this project. It is something I have been working on since 2009, when I'd dreamed up the original storyline. I remember talking with a friend one night before moving to Bowling Green, Ohio, where I would be attending university. I'd asked "How am I going to battle college, work, AND writing this novel?" I remember that he'd taken his time with responding, and his answer was "Well, you'll just have to prioritize everything and focus on what's important." 
The first few years of school, I was dedicated to my classes and the development of this novel. I'd created all of the characters, got the world setup, and started outlining the initial chapters. By the time I'd graduated with my Bachelor of Fine Arts - Creative Writing degree in December 2011, I was already invested i…